The Bee Project is committed to establishing a connection between people and bees. We are creating one of the largest ever urban honey bee studies entitled “The Bee Project”. The focus will be on what the honey bees are eating and drinking and how they are adapting to the environment; results will be revealed by testing and analyzing urban honey hives across Canada from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John, Newfoundland. These results will also give a good indication of the cleanliness of each city.

The Bee Project seeks to address issues of sustainability of the food supply, it also aims to raise awareness of the importance of Bees – while creating delicious honey. Your otherwise invisible rooftops can become a valuable, safe habitat, to what the Earth Watch Institute concluded are the most important living beings on the planet. Together, we will tell the story of how your city is a leader in actively supporting biodiversity and a healthy environment while championing urban bee survival. Communities will share a common interest in playing a part in advancing Bee sustainability improving the local ecosystem and being an important link to a national movement of Saving the Honey Bee. Our goal is to help the bees pollinate one plant, one bee and one tree at a time.